2019   |  Blue Sky Gallery (Oregon Center for the Photographic Arts), Portland, OR
2012   | 
Silo Point Gallery, Baltimore, MD
2009  |  Volt, Frederick, MD


Exhibitor, Coming Together, Colorado Photographic Arts Center (CPAC), Denver, CO
Exhibitor, Unbound Annual Invitational & Juried Summer Exhibition, Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA
Exhibitor, 38th Annual Collector’s Night Auction Gala Exhibition, Washington Project for the Arts, Washington, D.C.
Musée Magazine Weekend Portfolio feature on the series Absolute Powers // ex-nihilo, New York

Finalist, Critical Mass Top 200
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
Don't Take Pictures
Magazine, Photo of the Day (January 18th), Kat Kiernan

International Photography Awards (Lucie Foundation), 2nd Place, Professional Fine Art: Still Life –
Summer ’17, Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore, MD 
Shortlist, Athens Photo Festival, Athens, Greece
35th Annual Juried Exhibition,
Houston Center for Photography, (Curated by Rebecca Senf, Phoenix Art Museum) –
A Sondheim Alumni Exhibition, (Curated by Cara Ober of BMoreArt), Area 405, Baltimore, MD –
Prix de la Photographie Paris (PX3), Silver Award (Series: Conversations), Fine Art–
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize  –
Finalist, PCNW 21st Annual Juried Photography Exhibition (Curated by Sandra Phillips, Emeritus, SFMoMA), Seattle, WA  –
Interview + Weekend Takeover, Musée Magazine, Vanguard of Photography Culture  –
Making Olive Oil in Greece, Edge of Humanity Magazine –

F-Stop Magazine, Issue #80: Open Theme  –
3rd Place in Fine Art, 1st Edition Winner, Photography Grant, London, UK 
Finalist, Sondheim Prize, Exhibition at the Baltimore Museum of Art  –
Finalist, Annual Summer Show Fresh 2016 (Online Showcase & Exhibit Catalog), Klompching Gallery (Curated by Darren Ching & W.M. Hunt) 
Semi-Finalist, Trawrick Prize 
Feature Shoot, The Art of Food in 60 Photos  –
F-Stop Magazine, Issue #77: Family
F-Stop Magazine, Issue #75: Wonder-Full 

Photoworks ’15, Barrett Art Gallery, NY (Curated by Katherine Ware)  –
Finalist, Dotphotozine, 2016 Award for Excellence  –
F-Stop Magazine, Issue #74: Telling Stories

Industrial, Kadoya Gallery, Pueblo, CO (Curated by Jason Landry)  –
Atomic Steam, National Museum of Nuclear Science & History, Albuquerque, NM  –
In Praise of Trees, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT  –
The Built Environment, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT  –
Traces Left Behind, Photoplace Gallery, Middlebury, VT  –

Process / Photography, The Athenaeum, Alexandria, VA  –


Fotofest Finds, European Photography Magazine, Facebook Editorial, Berlin, Germany
The Best Work I Saw at Photo NOLA: Part 2
, aPhotoEditor, Jonathan Blaustein

Thoughts on the C. Grimaldis Gallery’s Annual Summer Exhibition by Andy Clark, Review in BmoreArt
Interview with fine art photographer Christos J. Palios: Christos Palios, Interview by Photogrvph Magazine
Weekend Takeover: Christos Palios, Interview by Musée Magazine, New York
A hot summer exhibit at C. Grimaldis Gallery, Baltimore Sun

Christos J. Palios: Conversations, Lenscratch
Fresh at the Klompching Gallery, Lenscratch
Christos Palios explores consumption and conservation in Greece’s past and present, City Paper
Exhibit Of Seven Sondheim Finalists’ Work Opens At BMA, Baltimore Magazine
Sondheim finalists explore themes of race, religion, sex, violence, Baltimore Sun
Baltimore Museum of Art features Christos Palios in Sondheim finalist exhibition, UMBC News
Spaces in Between: Sondheim Prize finalist Christos Palios ’02 discusses his art, UMBC Alumni
The Hustle Lottery, BmoreArt


2002  |  BFA Imaging and Digital Art (Summa Cum Laude), University of Maryland, Baltimore Countysol

Blue on Black , Virginia, 2015

Blue on Black, Virginia, 2015