I am drawn to and intrigued by cultural diversity, socioeconomic themes, history, design and architecture. As strong visual and symbolic sparks, these arenas shape my creative process and evolution.

Via a blend of approaches, my work probes themes of identity, connection, memory and isolation within a variety of environments, including remote and often inaccessible spaces. My photographs attend to traditional and modern facets of life, environmental study and indirect portraiture. Stillness, irregularity, and deviations in subjects secluded from view or concealed in plain sight become priority. I favor hidden, unpeopled settings amid spaces and memory to examine the human condition. Such subjects incite a sense of wonder and meaning beyond the conventional social and psychological spaces in which we navigate.

Photography’s malleability emboldens life and communicates ideas and stories across borders in accessible manners. I believe in it as an imperative and evolving visual medium. We live in frenetic societies that unremittingly broadcast a profusion of stimuli—images, news, stereotypes, ideals, propaganda—which inundate our waking lives and shape our beliefs in real-time lightning-fast.

These infinitely complex tangles of increasingly-questionable associations tend to overwhelm, impacting our ability to discern between tasteful and boilerplate while skewing perceptions of truth, imagery and essential meaning. This stark realization has fostered in me an active, bootstrap consciousness—not solely toward aesthetics—to embody deeper insight and purpose within my photographs.

Raised as a first-generation Greek-American, as a son of immigrants, my experiences were influenced by two disparate cultures. “Home” was a pleasant yet ambiguous concept rife with familial love and guidance. I acquired my first manual camera in 1997, a wondrous machine I couldn’t set down. I am based in Baltimore, Maryland. My springboard originates in design and animation, consummated by a BFA degree from the University of Maryland. I have pursued my art full-time since 2006 and speak two languages fluently.

Research is an indispensable tool in my work. I am grateful for a wellspring of inspiration from an often insatiable curiosity. I believe the nexus between an evolving sensibility and a frenetic world is the will to perpetually explore new terrain. My intent is to make photographs that reflect my personal beliefs and values in hopes of offering a positive, enlightening force.