Fueled by clients who shared thoughts, posted below are some of those wonderful excerpts. My perception of these words encompass inspiration and add a unique layer to my work, while they simultaneously help to convey art's power and influence. Note: this is a new section and more will be added.

With respect to Catharsis, I wanted to add that out of the series it was one of a few that didn’t have a meal or the remnants of a meal. This was a more positive quality to me because it didn’t look like something that had ended, more like a conversation that was ongoing. But at the same time, the atmosphere has tension—the wine has yet to be drunk, a tool for applying pressure sits in the center. The table literally has nuts that have been cracked, calling to mind the familiar idiom. There’s a sense of disquiet, like the conversation will lead to revelations, perhaps thereby resulting in the “catharsis.” I think the picture has a great mix in that it’s a really cool image and people could easier appreciate it on aesthetic alone, but the feeling is still there. 

—Catherine, Washington, D.C.

I am very happy with the photograph. I wasn’t expecting this, but somehow in my house it evokes a feeling of spaciousness, and if not exactly optimism, a feeling of hope—which is odd for a condemned bridge. Looking through the lattice formed by the bridge is like looking through a window, and with the river you get a sense of forward motion. Also, my neighbor commented that the silo and bridge in the distance look at first glance to be futuristic—so its almost as if you are looking through the past to the future. Because of the layout, I catch glimpses of it when I’m coming in the front door, going up or down the stairs, etc, and I love the way it changes with light. In the evening, when the light is dim, it looks like a watercolor when you glance at it.  

I enjoyed meeting you and learning about your work.  I am very much looking forward to opportunities to see what you are doing in the future.

—Stephanie, Arlington, VA

Thanks again for following up yesterday. I've decided on Solidarity. It evokes a wonderful memory of a meal last year in Bilbao, Spain. We had gone specifically to see the Guggenheim as I'm a fan of Frank Gehry architecture. A local couple gave us a tip on where to eat....finding it was quite an adventure to a very old part of the city where the narrow streets made our GPS useless and much of the signage was in the Basque language with very little Spanish to be seen. We found the spot, or at least a spot, with a menu of full of beautiful fish, stuffed squid and grilled octopus...all Basque style. We ate like there was no tomorrow. 

—Maria, Denver, CO