Artist Statement & Bio

I am drawn to and intrigued by history, cultural diversity, socioeconomic themes and architecture. My work probes ideas of identity and isolation within a variety of environments, and inherent in my images lies a confrontation between traditional and modern facets of life. Stillness, irregularity, and deviations in subjects secluded from view or concealed in plain sight become priority, favoring the hushed and hidden settings amid spaces, people, and memory. I intent to incite in the viewer a sense of wonder and meaning beyond the social & psychological spaces in which we navigate.

I believe in photography as an imperative and continually evolving visual medium. We live in societies that broadcast a profusion of stimuli – images, news, ideals, stereotypes, marketing and technology – inundating our waking lives and attempting to shape our beliefs. Consequentially, we may feel overwhelmed in the complex tangle of increasing associations. This overload has impacted our ability to discern between the tasteful and boilerplate, inevitably influencing our perceptions of quality imagery and meaningful narrative.

This stark realization has fostered an active consciousness in my views and approaches, ultimately fueling a desire to focus not just on aesthetics, but to embody deeper meaning and purpose in my imagery.

Raised as a first-generation Greek, my experiences were influenced by two culture-rich, yet disparate cultures. I acquired my first manual camera in 1997 and am a self-taught photographer based in Baltimore, Maryland. My springboard originates in design and animation, consummated by a BA degree from the University of Maryland. I am grateful for the ability to pursue and promote my art full-time since 2007.