All artwork is signed, titled, dated, and numbered on aluminum-buffered archival labels en mount verso (on the back). A database is maintained designating ownership and date of acquisition. **Some titles may have larger editions. Prices are tiered based on edition number (prices increase as prints sell.)  All prints include a white border.


Original images are printed using archival pigment on professional photographic media. Great effort is exerted to ensure all practices and components are created with and use the most archivally-sound materials available and in keeping with the principle of acceptable standards of the industry. Photographs are mounted to an aluminum composite material boasting properties of rigidity, moisture-resistance, and smooth pH-neutral surfaces.


Artwork is either floated using archival spacers behind anti-reflective UV Museum Glass or coated using a high-end, UV-inhibiting matte acrylic. Frame designs are solid wood and custom-joined at the studio. Assembled by hand in the U.S.A. Frame depths: 2″ from wall to front edge. Colors available: satin charcoal (shown) and smooth white.



Three size categories are available, depending on artwork title. See chart below. Custom and larger sizing is available for some series. For sizes larger than 10 feet (120″), or for mural (multi-panel) applications, tiling is used whereby we print, mount, align, and in some cases, frame individual pieces into a seamless whole. For frameless artwork, we are able to custom fabricate rear stiffener panels and easy-mountable French-cleat hardware systems for hanging. This process is conducive to a very contemporary display, particularly when frame moldings become limited in very large applications.


20 x 20”, 30 x 30”, 40 x 40”


30 x 12”, 45 x 18”, 60 x 23”, 90 x 34”, 120×50″


30 x 20”, 45 x 30”, 60 x 40”



Prices increase as editions sell. Please call for the most updated pricing.



Shipping is offered globally for all artwork, including prints and framed pieces. Professional packing is used to ensure proper and safe transit. The cost of proper shipping is passed entirely onto you. (Containers and materials may be stored for future artwork transport.) Reinforced packaging, wooden crating, and various structures are custom-built to accommodate larger artwork and palletized, when appropriate. Tracking data will be provided and documentation for facilitated customs clearance can also be provided for international shipments.



Contemporary photographs need to be treated with care and respect in the spirit of promoting maximum longevity. Prints should never be displayed in poor conditions such as direct sunlight and extreme fluctuation of temperature, nor subjected to high humidity. If not coated with a protective acrylic or laminate, they should be framed properly and displayed behind glass. Cleaning and displaying framed artwork in modern interior environments may require further knowledge for the overall health of artwork through time. It becomes the owner’s responsibility to explore, research, and educate herself in its proper care and maintenance to assure its life.



Each print and its likeness is owned exclusively by Christos J. Palios. Reproduction, or any attempt thereof, for any purpose without authorized consent is absolutely prohibited.